Vacuum cleaner V705 green

Technologies of effective cleaning without noise during operation

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S-class filtering system

Impact-resistant bumper

4 nozzles included

High degree of the S-class filtration

Air in the vacuum cleaner passes through 3 effective filters made of material retaining the smallest dust particles: anti-allergenic ULTRA Bag dust collector, Hospital-Grade filters and Micro-Hygiene exhaust filter.

3 effective filter for retaining the smallest dust particles: anti-allergenic dust collectors, Hospital-Grade filter and Micro-Hygiene exhaust filter

Universal set of nozzles

The set includes 4 nozzles: crevice, for cabinet and soft furniture, and a universal BORK Combi nozzle with brushes made of natural pile for cleaning any type of carpeting and hard coatings. You can also purchase a set of additional brushes for parquet and other surfaces.

4 nozzles included: for cabinet and soft furniture, and a BORK Combi nozzle for cleaning any type of carpeting and hard coatings

Patented impact-resistant bumper

The two-layer soft bumper made of high-strength material effectively protects furniture, wall and the vacuum cleaner from mechanical damage and also reduces the level of noise during the device operation.

Impact-resistant bumper protecting from damage and reducing the level of noise


  • Automatic switch-off

    At overheating
  • Body material

  • Cable length

    7 m
  • Cleaning radius

    10 m
  • Color

  • Combined nozzle

    1 pc.
  • Cord auto-winding

  • Country of origin

  • Crevice nozzle

    1 pc.
  • Dust collection system

    Dust collector
  • Dust collector capacity

    3 l
  • Dust collectors

    4 pcs.
  • Filtration

  • Full bag indicator

  • Horizontal parking

  • Hose

    1 pc.
  • Impact-resistant bumper

  • Motor start

  • Nozzle for cabinet furniture

    1 pc.
  • Nozzle for soft furniture

    1 pc.
  • Number of filters

    2 pcs.
  • Number of nozzles

    4 pcs.
  • Power adjustment

    On body
  • Power consumption

    2100 W
  • Rubberized wheels

  • Storage of nozzles

    On body
  • Telescopic tube

    1 pc.
  • Type of control

  • Type of dust collector

    ULTRA Bag
  • Vacuum cleaner tube

  • Vertical parking

  • Warranty

    1 year
  • Weight

    5.3 kg

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