Table blender B780

Swiss innovation for perfect blending of ingredients

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Knife with 6 blades

Compact size

Low level of noise and vibration

Exclusive design of the jug

A glass clover-shaped jug provides a "cyclone" effect for perfect mixing and is equipped with a patented system of fastening with a base.

Glass jug in the form of clover for perfect mixing

Patented knife system with 6 blades

Knife with 6 blades provides an excellent grinding result: you get a mixture of homogenous consistency in a few seconds.

Patented knife system with 6 blades

Minimal noise and no excessive vibration

Full-metal body of the B780 blender not only indicates the owner’s sense of style but also allows reducing the level of noise and vibration.

Minimal noise and no excessive vibration

Compact and easy to use

The blender is characterized by compact size which makes it easier to use and store and cooking process is controlled by a single controller.

Compact and easy to use

Made in Switzerland

Swiss precision of design and production ensures unparalleled result and long service life of the device.

Made in Switzerland


  • Body material

  • Bowl capacity

    1.2 l
  • Bowl material

  • Cable compartment

  • Cable length

    1 m
  • Color

    Iron grey
  • Country of origin

  • Jar

  • Knife unit

  • Lid

  • Motor start

  • Number of knife blades

    6 pcs
  • Number of programs

  • Overload protection

  • Power consumption

    450 W
  • Speed

    Up to 25000 rmp
  • Warranty

    2 years
  • Weight

    4.7 kg

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